Giovanni - WSET instructor Portugal

Driven by a profound love for exploring daring wines that push boundaries and offer distinct experiences

Giovanni Arpaia - WSET instructor at Plansel International Wine School

How it all began for Giovanni Arpaia

I grew up in a family where wine (and food!) held a significant place, often becoming the subject of our conversations. I am a naturally curious person with a wide range of interests. I’m captivated by the multifaceted nature of wine. It seamlessly intertwines history, geography, chemistry, economics, and the environment into a single entity. This ability to bring together such diverse subjects fascinates me deeply. And, it creates an irresistible allure.  It is this passion that drove me to pursue a career in the wine industry. Allowing me to explore my interests and delve into this dynamic and ever-evolving world.


I chose to pursue the WSET wine courses because they are globally recognized and cover all aspects of wine. From terroirs and geography to viticulture, winemaking, and classic wine styles. The courses therefore provide a comprehensive understanding of the subject. They also explore important areas such as wine service, storage, and aging. By completing these courses, I gained a broader understanding of the wine world. Which, in conclusion, allows me to view a glass of wine within the larger context of the wine industry. It’s like being an astronaut looking at the planet from space; gaining a panoramic view of the wine world.

Passion and specialism

My passion and specialism in wine are driven by a profound love for exploring daring wines that push boundaries and offer distinct experiences.  Throughout my career, I have consistently pursued opportunities to expand my knowledge and discover new regions. 

While I consistently study the wines of Italy, where each region boasts remarkable distinctiveness and deserves its own recognition, I have developed a deep affinity for the wines of the Loire (especially Chenin Blanc). But also Burgundy, Jura, and Savoie in France, as well as Rias Baixas, Rioja, and Ribera del Duero in Spain.

German Riesling and Santorini Assyrtiko also hold a special place in my heart. I am also captivated by the wines of Slovenia, Georgia, Greece, and South Africa. And, I have a profound appreciation for wines produced on volcanic soils and islands. In Portugal, I am deepening my knowledge of Bairrada’s Baga, Vinho Verde, Douro, Dao, and Madeira

Why Plansel International Wine School?

Teaching at PIWS is fantastic for several reasons. The school places a strong emphasis on sharing knowledge in an enjoyable manner, cultivating an atmosphere of enthusiasm for learning. Furthermore, there is a focus on continuous improvement and innovation. which enables the exploration of new courses and projects aimed at enhancing the students’ educational journeys. The presence of a diverse and highly skilled teaching team brings a range of perspectives and expertise. Alltogether, this creates a vibrant and inspiring environment that promotes growth and development.

Giovanni Arpaia's message for future students:

To my (future) students, my message is simple: Join our courses and embrace the wine journey with an open mind and an adventurous spirit. Just as traveling allows us to discover new places and experiences, wine offers a similar opportunity for exploration and discovery. Don’t limit yourself to one grape or style of wine. Let curiosity be your guide, challenge your preconceptions. And, enjoy the thrill of discovering new wines.