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We are happy to invite you into our wine community in Portugal. When becoming a Plansel International wine community member, you have access to the BETA courses, the latest industry news, wine tastings and you get access to buying the best wines from our own vineyards and beyond. 

Industry updates

Brought to you by the Wine Community of Portugal

Did you know that the term ‘sake’ is trending on Google? That means that you should know about it too. Or did you know that we are developing an Italian wine tasting course – that is to be taught in one of the best Italian Restaurants in Lisboa? As a member of the Plansel Wine community, you will be the first to know the updates and insights from the wine industry.

Exclusive Wine tastings

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Our wine tastings are high in demand. With the Plansel Wine community membership you will get several benefits, including limited edition tastings at different vineyards. And afterwards – you will be able to buy the wines of the tasting against a discount or get your hands on limited edition wines. 

Wine Community Events

From Yoga at the vineyards to limited edition events

Our wine community in Portugal and beyond is an inspiring, social and inclusive community. Ever thought about meeting the wine makers and discovering how they get to their taste of wine? Or do you want to join us doing yoga at the vineyards? Get access to private and limited edition events. 

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We are currently offering our membership for free but are working on a yearly membership fee which will be around €25,- yearly. Make sure to sign up today and not miss out when our wine community launches officially.  Subscribe below and become a member today!

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