Upcoming WSET level 1 award courses

The WSET Level 1 course is a beginner level introduction course to the world of wines. Therefore, Plansel is happy to offer you your WSET level 1 in Portugal. Whether you are simply interested in wine or when you want to pursue a career in hospitality, leisure or gastronomy, this course is a great start.

What you will learn during WSET Level 1:

  • The current wine world
  • The main types and styles of wine
  • The basic principles of food and wine pairing (with practical exercises)
  • How to store and serve wine
  • Create simple tasting notes

WSET level 3 in Portugal - understanding the world of wines

Official WSET certified teachers

All of our teachers are renomated industry professionals

Official recognition by WSET in London

At the end of this one day course, you will make an exam consisting of 30 multiple choice questions. You can prepare for this exam straightaway and even before taking the course with the workbook that we have provided you. Via the website of WSET, you can then download the extensive course schedule and curriculum. With a positive result, you will receive your WSET Certification from London and thus an official WSET pin. 

Entry requirements for your WSET Level 1 in Portugal

There are no entry requirements for this WSET Level 1 course in Portugal. Nonetheless, when you want to participate in the tasting of alcoholic beverages, you must have reached the minimum age for drinking alcohol. However, if this is not an obstacle to obtain the qualification in itself.

About WSET

Ran from the headquarters in London, WSET is the course provider when it comes to wine, spirit and sake certifications. WSET stands for Wine, Spirit and Education Trust. All of the teachers from Plansel International Wineschool are qualified professionals with extensive experience in the wine industry. As a sommelier, judge at tastings, wine importer, gastronomy or even nominated WSET wine educator. With a WSET certificate you enroll in a world of wines that’s along the highest standards in the industry.

After finishing your WSET level 1 award in Portugal

You are substentially able to communicate with other professionals and passionate people in the wine industry about the basics of wine.  When you want to continue, you can also enroll in our WSET 2 course program. When you already know that you want to also go for your WSET 2 course certificate, then look into the option of combining WSET Level 1 and 2. This not only saves you time, we will also give you a discount.