One way of pouring your corporate event into a fun day is by organizing a wine tasting on location. But maybe you’re also looking to better serve your customers. To explain the wine styles of the wines that are served in your restaurant or hotel. To pair food with wine, or,  to tell the culinary and wine story to your (international) customers or tourists. With the corporate solutions from Plansel International Wine School we gladly offer our courses to your staff, organization, society or event. 

Plansel Wineschool at your own venue

Wine tasting on location

Maybe you are in the hospitality industry and you are in need to further develop the knowledge of your sommeliers or serving staff. Or possibly, you are a wine maker and you want your sales agents to better understand and thus sell wine. 

When you are in the wine- or hospitality industry, you know that understanding wine is very important. With Plansel on location we bring our teachers, courses and wine tastings to your own location or venue.  


Add a wine tasting or wine course at your preferred location

Are you looking for something educational yet fun to add to your next meeting, incentive, conference or event? Think about a wine tasting afternoon on location or a wine course offered to you by Plansel International Wine School. For example on our own vineyard Quinta de Plansel or at a venue of your choice. We have experience and have organized this for multiple (international) organizations and are happy to help you with this, too.

Tourism Industry

Wine tasting on location at different venues

Knowing where your cultural heritage comes from. Where the food and wines come from. And how all these factors combine into the modern world’s best wines: We believe that every person working in the tourism industry should proudly tell Portugal’s wine story, as real ambassadors.

Culinary tourism is an upcoming market and wine is an essential part of this. Also known as ‘from Farm to Fork‘, for us as Plansel International Wine School, this always has been part of our curriculum and identity. Not only do we study the agricultural factors during our courses, we also teach and taste in the midst of vineyards.


Wine is a not to be missed tourism product when it comes to the tourism industry of Portugal. If you are working in the tourism industry, and you’re interested in becoming more knowledgeable about Portugal’s wines, then don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Reach out to Plansel International Wine School for corporate inquiries: 

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WSET level 3 in Portugal - understanding the world of wines

Plansel is an approved program provider from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust: WSET.

All of our teachers completed the WSET® Educator Training Programme.


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The judges from the Portugal Prestige Awards were particularly impressed by the selection of courses available at Plansel International Wine School, who take students on a journey from beginners to advanced experts.

We want to help you to become the best ambassador possible when it comes to promoting the culinary heritage of Portugal. Therefore we work together with the Portuguese Ministry of Tourism

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