Ilona Akulova - teacher at Plansel International Wine School

Leave your doubts behind and embrace the thrill as we explore a world of wines.

Ilona Akulova - WSET instructor at Plansel International Wine School

How it all began

One unplanned trip took me to Portugal where I fell in love with Portuguese culture, traditions and the vast heritage of wine production. That captivated me and I felt an inner wish to share that passion with others.



I have chosen to study wine at WSET to systematize my knowledge, to get an idea how large the world of wine is and with this, to realise where my beloved Portuguese wines stand on the global scale.

Passion and specialism by Ilona Akulova

I am passionate about Portuguese wines, with special focus on Port wines. I pay a lot of attention to details like service temperature, glassware type, size and quality of it. It are these small detailsthat  can have a huge impact on the wine appreciation.

Why Plansel International Wine School?

It is an opportunity to share my knowledge in an international environment. With the curious people who seek to learn about wine. It is a way to meet like minded people from all over the world and grow together. There is no limit in the improvement of your knowledge. Because of this, it is always about learning even when you are in a position of a teacher. Therefore, I am happy to work with a team of likeminded colleagues at Plansel International Wine School. 

Ilona Akulova's message for future students:

Leave your doubts behind and embrace the thrill as we explore a world of wine. Prepare to experience wine in a whole new light, forever transforming the way you perceive that nectar of Gods. Get ready for endless fun, expansion of your horizons. Create countless joyous memories that await you on this incredible adventure through the world of wine.