Izabela Kaminska - teacher at Plansel Wine School

Nobody knows everything but knowledge is power. And fun!

Izabela Kaminska - WSET instructor at Plansel International Wine School

How it all began

I was a French professor at the university in Poland for years. I love to teach but also love to learn new things and develop my knowledge. For example, I love everything about the fermentation process. One day I just opened a pop-up wine bar. It resulted to be such a success that I saw a potential there for fantastic journey full of adventures, trips around the world. It brought me chats with amazing people from the wine industry. But I still wanted to teach. That’s why I decided to obtain my WSET Diploma. Until today I am still teaching. Not only the french language and culture but also everything about wine during my courses at Plansel International Wine School.  


I am a free spirit but I am also a teacher. I know how important is to have your knowledge well organized in your head. And that is why I decided to join the WSET world.

Passion and specialism Izabela Kaminska

I love to learn. I love facts not ideas. But I do need to say that I am a “fact checker”. I love to know everything and I know it will never be possible but it is fantastic to try! I love the world of sparkling wine and I love yeast – they are the most amazing and important creatures in the wine production.

Why Plansel International Wine School?

We are just a bunch of fantastic people! This is why Plansel International Wine School is awarded as best wine school of the year. Alltogether, we aim to give you the best courses and experiences, possible. 

Izabela Kaminska's message for future students:

Nobody knows everything but knowledge is power. And fun!