pedro ramos - teacher at Plansel wine school

Wine for me is a passion that only grows stronger each day.

Pedro Ramos - WSET instructor at Plansel International Wine School

How it all began for Pedro Ramos

Wine was a passion that was passed on to me by my father. We always had wine in family meals and gatherings. With time I began a wine tasting group with some friends and some time later decided to move from Brazil to Portugal, exactly to study more about wine and become a professional. 


WSET was the answer for me to structure and organize my wine knowledge. I felt that lots of “doors” opened after completing levels 1&2. A couple of years later while in the industry, I found it essential to achieve level 3 and wishing to have the time to face the challenge of doing the Diploma. 

Passion and specialism

I am deeply amazed by all the different profiles in the wine world.  As a result of this, there is a vast range of options and I’m completely passionate of discovering new flavors and checking the evolution of wine throughout the years. Wine for me is a live passion that only grows stronger each day. 

Why Plansel International Wine School?

I love how the school is really “international”, from the teachers to the founders, we all have different nationalities. I see it as a huge quality and advantage for us to have so many different points of view and above all, we all work together with the same purpose and love for wine. 

Pedro Ramos' message for future students:

To me future students: Welcome to a Wonderful Universe… be prepared for lots of knowledge and pleasures that are going to open up in front of you during my courses, as we deepen into this fabulous world of Wine.