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Study wine at Quinta da Plansel in Alentejo

Wine courses in Alentejo at Quinta da Plansel - wine school in Portugal

Wine courses in Alentejo happen at Quinta da Plansel. This vineyard is the beating hart of our school; this is where it all began.
Winemaker Dorina Lindemann and wine teacher Wilmy Matton shared a common passion: Wine and Portugal. So they decided to turn this passion into action: start a wine school. Goal for Plansel International Wine School (PIWS) is to make wine education accessible in every wine region in Portugal in its broadest form: from serious training to playful tastings.

Study wine at Plansel: 

Quinta Da Plansel
Estrada Muncipal 537
Porto das Las
7050-203 Montemor-o-novo



Since the start end 2019 people came to Quinta da Plansel from all over the world. We welcomed students from Australia, Canada, USA, Ireland, Great Britan, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Macao, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Madeira and of course Portugal.
But all with the same passion as Wilmy and Dorina: Wine and Portugal.
Extra special are the shared lunches with discussions about personal growth, wine career expectations and our cultural inheritance

Students from: Australia, Ireland, USA, Canada, Macao, Madeira, Portugal and a Dutch teacher

Wine courses in Alentejo at Quinta da Plansel - wine school in Portugal

Quinta da Plansel in Alentejo wine region


Quinta da Plansel is located about 100 kilometers from Lisbon, in the southeast part of the city of Montemor-o-Novo. An ancient city in the Alentejo. This is where the world’s rush comes to a halt.
The landscape around the Quinta is is magnificent, with vineyards dotted with olive and cork trees, with cattle peacefully invading the extensive plains, natural parks in which the winery is harmoniously integrated. A place to completely indulge in an engaging wine course or exciting tasting session

Wine Courses in the Alentejo

Learn wine amidst the largest vineyards of Portugal

Wine from Alentejo – uniquely fermented and stored

The vineyards of Portugal’s largest wine region stretch from the mountain ranges on the Spanish border to the beaches of the Atlantic coast.

The region has eight sub-regions, each with a wealth of delicious cuisines, excellent wines and tourist experiences that are an absolute delight for the senses
Alentejo has something for everyone.

The Alentejo region covers about a third of Portugal, and winemakers in the remaining two-thirds can often be heard to complain about the popularity of Alentejo wines.
The reds, easy drinkers, rich and fruity, are the darlings of Lisbon cafés and restaurants, also to be found on wine lists in the length of the country. There are quaffing wines, but also fine wines, especially in the red department. Whites are more difficult in this hot climate, but some very good ones are made, given the right place, and/or appropriate skill in vineyards and cellar..


Still an integral part  part of the Alentejo winemaking process, is that of fermenting must and storing wine in talhas de barro – clay vessels, produced in all shapes and sizes.
A tradition left behind by the Romans.
Every year special fairs take place in the Alentejo from wine producers from  the whole south of Europa with wines made with this traditional methode.

Wine courses in Alentejo at Quinta da Plansel - wine school in Portugal

Why choose Plansel International Wine School

Wine School of the year

WSET level 3 in Portugal - understanding the world of wines

Plansel is an approved program provider from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust: WSET.

All of our teachers are renomated industry professionals, working on international levels.

Best wineschool in portugal - wineschool winner of the year

The judges from the Portugal Prestige Awards were particularly impressed by the selection of courses available at Plansel International Wine School, who take students on a journey from beginners to advanced experts.

We want to help you to become the best ambassador possible when it comes to promoting the culinary heritage of Portugal. Therefore we work together with the Portuguese Ministry of Tourism

Meet Our Teachers

pedro ramos - teacher at Plansel wine school
Pedro Ramos
Wilmy Matton, cofounder and teacher at Plansel International Wine School
Wilmy Matton
Wagner Erne - WSET instructor at Plansel International wine school
Wagner Erne
Maria Vicente - WSET teacher at Plansel International Wine school
Maria Vicente
Giovanni - WSET instructor Portugal
Giovanni Arpaia
Izabela Kaminska - teacher at Plansel Wine School
Izabella Kaminska
Ilona Akulova - teacher at Plansel International Wine School
Ilona Akulova

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