Wagner Erne - WSET instructor at Plansel International wine school

To me, the WSET means “drive for quality”; and this fits perfectly with our environment and caters impeccably to our students.

Wagner Erne - WSET instructor at Plansel International Wine School

How it all began

During my career as senior executive in large companies, I often had the opportunity to enjoy wine as well as the art of pairing food and wine. Some years ago, our move to Portugal gave me the chance to combine these two worlds. And, with this, dedicate myself full-time to the wine business.


Throughout my career, I learned how enriching it was to study and work in different countries and cultures.  The WSET is such a global platform that it has not only allowed me to attend courses in different schools (e.g., Porto, Burgundy, and Bordeaux). But it also allowed me to meet great teachers and fantastic colleagues.

Passion and specialism

I enjoy teaching!  My very first job was teaching mathematics. Ever since, I have always found a way to keep studying and teaching the most diverse subjects. The change to the wine industry has allowed me to combine these aspects as well. Within the wine industry, I have a great interest for small and rare grapes and appellations as well as a passion for “pairing”.  And where is a better place to find indigenous grapes and great pairing options? I now spend a lot of time in Italy…

Why Plansel International Wine School?

Portugal is increasingly becoming an international hub with visitors and incoming residents from all around the world. PIWS´s natural DNA consists of internationality and drives for quality. This fits perfectly with this environment and caters impeccably to its students.

Wagner´s message for future students:

I would undoubtedly tell my students: “You are in the most perfect place to come and join this journey to discover the fantastic world of wines, its producers, and their culture.”