Wilmy Matton, cofounder and teacher at Plansel International Wine School

The perfect wine/food match remains a magical experience....

Wilmy Matton - Co-founder and WSET instructor at Plansel International Wine School

How it all began

To work in the wine industry was not a logical step for me. With my husband I worked in the moped industry till our company was sold. When a wine company asked me to become their wine importer in the Netherlands, I took my first steps in the wine business and soon I became one of the specialized boutique importers of only Portuguese wines with high-end restaurants and wine specialty shops as customers.


WSET was the only wine course that offered their course in English and had developed an international wine language. This seemed really practical when Portuguese winemakers started telling me about their craft. Since then, I have always remained a fan of the WSET’s SAT(Systematic Approach of Tasting) to properly assessing a wine.

Passion and specialism

My wine specialty is wine/food pairings. The Dutch sommeliers didn’t know much about Portuguese wines and that’s when I went on a Gastronomy course to be able to explain properly what pair with a Portuguese wine. The search for the 1+1=3 combination and the moment when tasting the perfect wine/food match remains a magical experience for me. It makes me very happy to teach this skill to other wine professionals and wine lovers.

Why Plansel International Wine School?

I love talking about wine and guiding wine professionals and wine lovers in their journey of discovery the world of wines. Especially when they can make a good and substantiated tasting note on the second day already, it fills me with pride. At PIWS, I have the freedom to put emphasis on making a good tasting note because this is a skill they will enjoy for a lifetime. In addition, it is great to continue developing new courses and tasting notes together with the PIWS team.

Wilmy Matton's message for future students:

Dear students. Come join and learn with us and after each wine course, the real journey of discovery in the world of wine is just beginning. Form a tasting group and keep tasting, searching, wondering and discovering as much as possible but above all: keep enjoying wine!