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WSET level 3 in Portugal: wine certification with Plansel International Wine School

Why you should study WSET

For enthusiasts:

  • Learn how to professionally taste wine 
  • Learn how to create tasting notes
  • Learn how to best pair wine with food 
  • Learn how wine is made and what influences the wine making process 

For professionals: 

  • Speak the language – Know the right terms to speak about wine. From culture to production and consumption.
  • Save money – make informed choices, reduce cost and create a more effective production with your new knowledge.
  • Keep up with your audience – your audience knows more about wine and so should you.
  • Enrich the experiences you offer at your venue to customers. From tastings, tours or during events.

Internationally recognized teachers for the Douro region

Learn from the best in the industry

Giovanni Arpaia - WSET instructor at Plansel International Wine School Leave your doubts behind and embrace the thrill as we explore a world of wines. (1)

Giovanni Arpaia

  • Grew up in a Italian family where wine held an important place, often becoming the topic of every conversation.
  • Worked in many areas of the industry, from tourism to retail and the import side of the business in the UK, Italy, France, Spain, Australia and New Zealand. 
  • Tastes over 2,000 wines a year
  • Is judge at international wine competitions.

Ilona Akulova

  • Participated in international and national wine competitions, such as “Berliner Wine Trophy”, “Portugal Wine Trophy”, “Mondial des Vines Extremes”, “Concurso Vinhos de Portugal”
  • Awarded in the first “National Blind Tasting Championship” of Portugal, organised by “Vinho Direto”.
  • Holder of the title of “Ambassador of Wines of Portugal”, by “Wines of Portugal”.
  • Member of the Association of Sommeliers of Portugal.

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Why you should study wine in the Douro region

Internationally known for its wine and port production, beautiful nature and family companies that are eager to show you the Portuguese wine experience

Quinta das Sequeirinhas - wine courses in Douro

Golddrink – Import Export, Lda is a truly family company. Headquartered in Peso da Régua, it gathers different “Quintas” (estates) and brings you a diverse range of genuine products of the Douro. With Plansel International Wine School you can now also do your next wine courses in Douro, at Quinta das Sequeirinhas!

One of the estates where we offer our courses is Quinta das Sequeirinhas,  located in the heart of the Douro Demarcated Region. At Quinta das Sequeirinhas you feel at home, and feel welcome in the family. Relax in the calm of nature, surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and almond trees, and enjoy the impressive panoramic view over the Douro River. This cozy traditional “Quinta”, one of the oldest in the Douro Wine Region, was restored over time to ensure the greatest comfort. The main house is decorated with antique furniture in a lovely rustic style.

In this unique environment you find the perfect conditions to concentrate on your winestudy.
It is peaceful and quiet but also the whole area is inspired with wine and winemaking. All thanks to the  dedication of the sisters Rita and Catarina Sequeira!

Join our wine courses at Quinta das Sequeirinhas, visit us at: 

Quinta das Sequeirinhas
Avenida de Lagoas 93
5100-664 Penajóia

Wine courses in Douro: surrounded by UNESCO heritage

The mighty “golden”(Douro) river, works its way through the mountains flanked by vineyards on both sides of the bank to high in the mountains. Its journey begins in the Leon region of Spain and ends in the Atlantic Ocean near Porto. The Douro river is one of the world’s largest wine rivers along with the Rhine, Rhône, Loire and Moselle

The Douro wine region, however, is a lot smaller. The Douro DOC starts 110 km inland with the most western region: Baixo Corgo. Therefore it is the wettest and coldest part of the region. The wines and Port have a softer and more elegant profile than those from Alto Corgo with the main towns of Pinhão and São João de Pesqueira. This is the heart of the Port industry where rich complex table wines are made alongside the famous wines from the well-known Port houses. 

Next to the above, the landscape around the Douro river brings more to the wine that is produced here. From Numão to the Spanish border, runs the Douro superior. A region that is characterized by bitterly cold winters and hot summers. This area is also known as the International Douro with modern wines; accessible and fruit-driven. Therefore we are proudly offering you wine courses in Douro. 

Wine Courses in Douro Region

Breathtaking landscapes & UNESCO world heritage: perfect conditions for your wine study

Travel Guide to Porto & Douro Wine Regions

Porto & Douro wine regions are two of the most famous wine-producing and wine trade places in Portugal. As a part of world-renowned Douro Valley, Porto has played and still plays a big role in the production of excellent Port wines. Since the start of the wine industry in this region, the land that follows the course of the Douro River bank have been worked by hand and shaped into terraces. Therefore it offers spectacular landscapes. The valley of the Douro River provides a natural amphitheatre in which endless rows of vines are planted. The landscape leaves all who see it completely enraptured by its deep valleys and gorges, clean and crisp air, terraced Porto vineyards as well as the clear blue waters of the Douro River. The cultural landscape of Alto Douro is protected by UNESCO for it’s outstanding universal value.


In conclusion, the above mentioned points make Douro undeniably one of the crown jewels of Portuguese viticulture. Port wine emanates from the breathtaking Alto Douro region. Recognized as the world’s first demarcated and regulated wine region since 1756. Alto Douro is the exclusive producer of this fortified wine. The region’s unparalleled beauty and evolving cultural landscape therefore rightfully earns a designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Alltogether, the unique combination of the Douro’s terroir and centuries-old wine-making traditions result in the rich, diverse, and internationally renowned Port wine, a testament to Portugal’s wine legacy. 

Discover all of our wine courses in Douro. Start your wine study today! 

Quinta das Sequeirinhas

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Meet Our Teachers

pedro ramos - teacher at Plansel wine school
Pedro Ramos
Wilmy Matton, cofounder and teacher at Plansel International Wine School
Wilmy Matton
Wagner Erne - WSET instructor at Plansel International wine school
Wagner Erne
Maria Vicente - WSET teacher at Plansel International Wine school
Maria Vicente
Giovanni - WSET instructor Portugal
Giovanni Arpaia
Izabela Kaminska - teacher at Plansel Wine School
Izabella Kaminska
Ilona Akulova - teacher at Plansel International Wine School
Ilona Akulova

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