Orange juice doesn’t work after brushing your teeth. Some wines or spirits just don’t pair with certain foods either. With the Gastronomic Course Certification you’ll learn the science and best practices of wine-food pairing. This way, you  know which wines to put on your menu, whether you’re working in the hospitality industry or when you are a passionate home-cook. 

 What you will learn during the Gastronomic Course certification:

  • Dive into the world of sommelier and chef
  • Learn why one wine fits the dish better and vice versa
  • How to choose the right dish to accompany your favorite wine


Portugal Wine Specialist courses by Plansel International Wine School

Learn the art of wine-food pairing

All of our teachers are not only renomated industry professionals, but also certified by WSET.

Pairing food and wine during this tasting session

All afternoon we enjoy tasting 8 small dishes : 2 starters 2 main courses 2 cheeses 2 desserts together with 8 tasting glasses of wine

The experienced teacher explains exactly why one wine fits the dish better than the other one and vice versa. But also how to choose a right dish to go with your favorite wine. On the basis of a beautifully illustrated book and a work block, we will experience for ourselves how the best combinations are made. After the course you will be able to give dinners and lunches extra allure at home by serving the most suitable wine per course.

Note: The course is not a lunch or dinner, but an educational wine / food tasting



Entry requirements

For this gastronomy course and with the food-wine pairing, you must be of legal drinking age. In Portugal this means that you must be 18 years of age, or older.